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What is Escapoly®

Escapoly is an interactive game for passionated of escape room, thrillers and logical games, where is necessary to find clues, solve puzzles and decipher codes.

In this first version you will be thrown into a crime scene, where you will role a young cops team at the research of the serial killer called the Enigmist Clown.

Purpose of the game is to investigate on the crime scene, before the killer hits again, in this way you can save the next victims. The game is divided in three missions; for every one you got 60 minutes.



The Clown Enigmist


Clowns does not always make us laught, we all know. There are the good ones and… the bad ones. What would you do if you have to deal with the killer clown hunting new victims, who likes play with enigmas. Now, you have one to defeat. When was young the mysterious killer, who had terror of clowns, once he read a story who shoked him: one of them, at night, loved to turn around with his bloody hands… Nobody knew what he was doing but, day after day, in the city people disappeared. From that time, the kid could not sleep good, until he did a dream where he saw himself wearing a reaper clown dress. Year were passing, but that dream was still tormenting him every time he close his eyes… until he realized that the only way to end seeing those pictures on his mind, was to make that nighmare a cruel reality. Now he has already hit one time leaving behind him a long blood line, making clear that he will not stop to one victim. Will you save the next victim, before is to late.


Perfect amusement for


You’re pretty smart and you’ve proven your ability to unlock that next level online. But can you perform it in real life? Take it up a notch – a LIVE escape challenge. Pull the digital action and adventure you love online into a real-world setting. Do you have what it takes to find clues, solve ciphers, crack codes, and use your skills to get out?


Break the norm! Turn off the TV and make some real-life memories together! Escapoly is the perfect way to spend quality social time with family and friends. An escape attempt from one of our cleverly designed games is an adventure that will not soon be forgotten. If you’re tired of just staring at screens, then this is the challenge for you.

Perfect Gift

Extraordinary people deserve extraordinary gifts. An original gift that will surely be appreciated: a mysterious box that will bring you into a crime scene and where you and your company will have to solve all three missions before the assassin strikes again!


You took her to a dinner and movie three times already! Now the pressure’s on for you to come up with something new and exciting. You don’t dance – so that’s out. Lucky for you, you can create a perfect detective date at your home using Escapoly.. She’ll think you’re smart for suggesting it, and she’ll tell all her friends what a great date you are. Yeah, I know… You’re welcome


Enhance group communication and foster teamwork in just one hour or less while learning to work collaboratively in this action packed pursuit of shared achievement. Escapoly’s concept is a recognised form of corporate team building entertainment all over Europe. Play Escapoly now!


Bachelorette Parties. Birthdays. New Year’s Eve? Whatever the case, break the ice and loosen things up by spending one hour with us. Our game scenarios are sure to be an adventure you’ll be talking about for weeks to come. If you’re celebrating and looking for something fun and adrenaline to do, Escapoly Experience is for you!